Underground Sprinkler Installations

  • Life Time Warranty
  • High Efficiency Spray Heads
  • Wifi Integrated Irrigation Timer
  • All Inclusive Maintenance Package

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Installation Process

1. Initial Consultation

Our irrigation designer will meet with you on site to discuss your various needs, take various measurements regarding your property such as water pressure & meter size.

2. Quote Approval

A quote package will be prepared for you and sent to your email. This package includes a detailed quote breaking down the various aspects of the system, our All-inclusive maintenance agreement, lifetime warranty agreement, and our referral rewards program.

3. Preparation 

Once you have approved the work and sent us the signed contract, our CQT ( City qualified Trade Contractor ) will acquire a plumbing permit to install the required backflow device. We will notify Alberta one call to locate any buried utilities.

4. Installation

Depending on the size of your system the installation may take one or two days. During this time our CQT will install the backflow prevention device as per city requirements, along with the irrigation mainline if required. Our installation crew will install the exterior parts of the system. Once complete the system will be tested and demonstrated to you!

5. Inspection

A city inspection of the backflow prevention device will be requested. The city will notify us on the day of the inspection if it will be during the morning or afternoon. Someone will need to be available during this time to give the inspector access. Once this is complete

6. Check-Up

After one month we will stop by your landscape and perform a walk through to ensure your landscape is receiving proper coverage and ensure every aspect of the system is functioning properly.

Ground Breaking Technologies, Efficient Designs

Our dedicated works to constantly find cost savings while reducing our environmental impact.


Adaptive & Smart Watering Controller with Real-Time Weather Monitoring

Fully Integrated

Skydrop allows water program management from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Unlike other wifi enabled controllers, it also retains the the programming capability at the controller itself. Ensuring if your wifi network goes down, you are still in control.

Fully automated

The Hunter HC dynamically creates a intelligent watering schedules based on over 8 environmental factors.

  • Slope
  • Season
  • Precipitation
  • Sprinkler Type
  • Soil Type
  • Shade
  • Plant Type
  • Geolocation

High Efficiency Heads

Pressure Regulating Sprinkler Heads With Efficient Spray Patterns

Efficient Heads Can Lower Your Water Bill Substantially

Utilizing pressure regulating components & hunters high efficiency MP rotator nozzles we provide systems that provide better value per SQFT then our competitors. Our heads allow us to cover up to 300% more per zone then competitors compared to a installation utilizing standard adjustable spray nozzles. This means up to ⅓ of the zones are required, results in substantial savings on installation costs.


Efficient System Layout & Design

Providing Maximum Coverage With Fewer Heads

Intelligent Designs Save Hundreds on Installation Costs

Through design practices centered around head to head coverage we incorporate various sprinkler heads & nozzles allowing a installation tailored to each application’s unique features. This results in a design requiring less sprinkler heads that provides complete coverage while operating with the least amount of required to ensure you lawn & garden is lush & green.

Life Time Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our sprinkler systems when we perform your annual maintenance.

Our life-time warranty offers protection you can not find from any other irrigation company in Calgary. Never again worry about an unexpected part breaking or pipe bursting, we have it covered.