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Labour: $85/Hr

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Testing Process

1. Book Appointment

Fill out the form above, one of our technicians will contact you to schedule a time to complete the test. We ask you to notify any tenants that the water will be shut off for 15 minutes during the test to avoid any inconveniences.

2. Device Testing

At the scheduled time, our technician will meet you onsite to perform the backflow test. This process normally takes 15 minutes to complete and requires the water will be shut off.

3. Report Submission

Upon completion of the test, our tester will send the report to the city. If you would like at this time we can add you to our annual call list to ensure you avoid future notices from the city regarding backflow testing.

Unsure If Your Homes Water Is Properly Protected?

Our knowledgeable tester are here to answer any questions you may have.

Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

Backflow testing is part of the annual maintenance required for each and every professionally installed irrigation system & boiler ( Hydronic Heating System). It ensures the device is properly protecting your water supply from potential backflow.

We take backflow prevention very seriously as it can have costly even sometimes fatal consequences. We do not mess around when it comes to the safety of your drinking water because it’s our drinking water too.

What Happens if I Don’t Have or Test My DCVA

Failure to test the device

If your underground sprinkler system has a double check valve assembly it has to be tested annually as required by the city of Calgary bylaws. Failure to test the device is punishable as per the bylaw. Avoid this costly fine and call today.

40M2006 39(3) – “Failure to test Cross Connection Control Device “ – Specified Penalty $1500

Failure to have proper backflow prevention installed

*If your sprinkler system does not have a double check valve installed it is in violation of the following bylaw. It is important you address this issue to ensure your water supply is properly protected.*

40M2006 38(1) – “Failure to install Cross Connection Control Device” – Specified Penalty $2000

Sprinkler Plumbing Installation

Our Irrigation Plumbing Is Designed To Provide The Maximum Flow & Pressure For Your System To Save You Money On Your Installation Costs!ing or pipe bursting, we have it covered.