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Why Choose A Professional?

Only Certified Installers are allowed to test the backflow device after installation. This means a homeowner will not be able to complete the full installation of a double check valve without the help of a certified professional.

What Does Your Plumbing Package Include?

Our plumbing package includes everything you need to ensure your sprinkler is fully code compliant & tested while delivering the maximum flow possible. We include the following items in all our installations.

  • Watts 007QTDC
  • City of Calgary Permit
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Full 1 Inch Pex Mainline
  • External 3/4″ Brass Ball Valve
  • External 3/4″ Brass Hose Bib

How Does this compare to an outside tap?

Our underground sprinkler mainlines are a full 1in pex mainline with a watts 007QT installed for backflow prevention. This means you get 3x the flow capacity and 400% less pressure loss. This translates into installations savings by reducing the number of zones required by a factor of 3.

Why Do I need a backflow preventer?

The City of Calgary Requires Backflow Prevention on all connections to the municipal water system where the risk of contamination is present. This protects your family from the possible chemical & water-borne contaminants from ever entering your home’s water supply. In addition to the health and safety considerations, Failure to install the proper backflow prevention is punishable by a fine of $2,000.00.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

Normal Installations take roughly 3 hours. During this time the water will need to be shut off for roughly 15 minutes to make the connection to the domestic water supply. Upon completion of the installation the

What Type of Connection do you provide me outside?

Our Irrigation Mainlines come with a “winterization Assembly” Installed on the exterior of the house. This includes a 3/4″ Brass Ball Valve, 3/4″ Brass Hose Bib ( Winterization Connection ) & Finally a 1in Insert Fitting for standard irrigation Pipe.

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