Professional & Affordable Sprinkler Maintenance

Book Your Startup Today, Get Your Sprinkler Ready For Summer!

Why Choose A Professional?

By using a professional irrigation company for your startup you are making the smart choice, and here’s why. Our technicians have the knowledge, tools & experience to quickly discover problems that can appear after Calgary’s harsh winters. This means you don’t have to wait until your grass is dead or you notice flooding from a broken line to diagnose the problem.

Why Do I Need This?

Over time sprinkler systems go out of adjustment, this means the spray heads may not be covering the correct area or even be spraying your house each time it runs causing possible water damage. Our experienced team runs through each zone looking at each head for any problems. Small adjustments will be made during this, if larger problems are present they will be noted and mentioned to you at the end of the service.

How Does It Work?

You book the startup by using the form below, by email, or by phone. Once it is booked, we will send you a confirmation email detailing the date your startup is booked. On the day of the appointment, our irrigation technicians will complete an external walkthrough of the irrigation system, Checking the spray patterns and heads along with the various valves & fittings for any cracks or leaks. They will review the watering schedule along with testing the controller’s functionality.

*Note: If our startup crew shows up to the appointment and you are not home there is a $65.00 fee.*

When Do You Complete Start-Ups

April 1st – September 30th

Depending on Calgary’s weather we can get your underground sprinkler system up and running as early as April 1st. However, Calgary’s unique weather can cause this to be pushed as late as early June.  If you still haven’t performed the startup after spring, no worries we will perform a startup any time during the summer or early fall at your request.

Commercial Clients

$210 + $15 per zone

Residential Clients

$95 + $10 per zone