Underground Sprinkler Winterization

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  • Affordable: Only $65 + $5/Zone

  • Freeze Free Guarantee

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Why Choose A Professional?

Some people try to get away with using a small portable compressor to winterize their system. This is not recommended as the winterization process does not rely on high pressure but on constant volume. With their small tank size, the system may appear to be winterized but the pipes can sit half full of water. During the winter this can pool in the fittings causing hard-to-locate cracks.

How Does It Work?

  1. Simply book the winterization service using the form above, by email, or by phone. We will send you a confirmation email detailing that your winterization has been booked.
  2. Ensure the water to the sprinkler system has been shut off before October 1st.
  3. Once the winterization has been completed you will receive an invoice by email. The invoice is payable by credit card, debit, or by cheque.

*Note: If our winterization crew shows up at your house and the water is not shut off, there is a $65.00 fee.*

When Do You Complete Winterizations?

October 1st – October 15th

We like to get all of our winterizations done prior to mid-october. If the exterior temperature drops ice can build up in the exposed parts of the sprinkler system and make the winterization process difficult or impossible.

Commercial Clients

$210 + $10 per zone

Residential Clients

$95 + $5 per zone